About our prints

Giclee prints

All posters made by chinesepostershop.com are exclusive Giclee prints, made from top quality scans from posters and prints of Dutch collections and archives. We use 270 grams matt uncoated photographic paper to ensure maximal quality and resemblance to the original poster. The manufacturer of the paper guarantees a durability of at least 75 years, under optimal conditions. The prints are made with a high-end Epson printer using original Epson K3-inks. These inks guarantee an excellent colour retention.

No watermarks!

Most of the illustrations of the posters on this site have a watermark in the lower left corner. This watermark will - of course - not appear on the print itself.


Chinesepostershop offers reprints on standard poster sizes, 50x70 cm and 70 x 100 cm. Sometimes these dimensions differ somewhat from the original poster.In that case we will print the poster in a size that fits within the tandard poster size (50x70 cm or 70x100 cm). We will fill the remaining part of the paper with a color that is about 85% of the paper colour of the printed poster.


If you order a framed print, we will print the poster first and then have it framed by our local Amsterdam-based framer.


Ruparo BV
Marnixstraat 140
1015 WZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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